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summer is near

summer is near

some people ask me why I collect pennies, and I tell them it is because sometimes I feel like one. I know it sounds a bit odd, but you see them on the ground, people throw them away, and they are seen as useless to most. Sometimes I feel like a penny, because people throw me away and toss my love to the ground, but the second you need an extra three cents, I am there. I guess to some people, I am that extra three cents and nothing more than spare change that you use at your own disposal. It kind of sucks being a penny, but maybe one day someone will see me as a million bucks instead of a petty coin.

—Julie Martinez (via writinqueen)

(Source: writinqueen, via writinqueen)



because the moon wasn’t showing
that’s why in the end i kissed you on the belly
of the hill.

because you gave me redemption, carefully
folded to fit between dry citadel stones,
or vegetables, or sweaty copper faces
on a harbor, watching moored ships sink,
that’s why i pressed your body